Starting sensu-client: failed!

Today I was going through and updating our Sensu install to version 0.17.2-1. Everything was going smoothly until, one host complained about the sensu-client failing to start. Tailing the sensu-client.log file, I found this at the end. /opt/sensu/embedded/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/


If you are looking at setting up S/MIME on OSX so that you can sign emails you send and people can send you encrypted emails, it's not only easy, it's free! 1 . Complete the form here: 2. You'll get an email with

M1015; Magical;

I purchased an IBM M1015 off eBay about a week ago. The goal is to flash the card in IT mode so that I can pass through 8 of my 12 hard drives instead of using the onboard SATA controllers. I've documented the process below. Things to keep in mind

Getting the A+

NOTICE: This blog post is ancient at this point. Please use or anything else instead of the following content. 2019-06-23 I've been determined recently to get the A+ rating on []. It's driving me mad and I have FINALLY figured it out. So

Linux Administrator Interview

So you applied for that Linux Administration interview, eh? Think your goin' to get it, eh? Well take a stab at the following questions and test your ability. I've been run through the wringer with a multitude of interviews at some of the top Silicon Fally companies. Below are some