M1015; Magical;

I purchased an IBM M1015 off eBay about a week ago. The goal is to flash the card in IT mode so that I can pass through 8 of my 12 hard drives instead of using the onboard SATA controllers. I've documented the process below. Things to keep in mind

Getting the A+

I've been determined recently to get the A+ rating on ssllabs.com. It's driving me mad and I have FINALLY figured it out. So here's how to do it. Software OS: Debian 7 Wheezy Webserver: nginx 1.6 The following is the nginx config you should use. This would go

Linux Administrator Interview

So you applied for that Linux Administration interview, eh? Think your goin' to get it, eh? Well take a stab at the following questions and test your ability. I've been run through the wringer with a multitude of interviews at some of the top Silicon Fally companies. Below are some